The Queen’s Mistake: In the Court of Henry VIII by Diane Haeger

The Queen's Mistake: In the Court of Henry VIII

Title: The Queen’s Mistake
Author: Diane Haeger
Published: October 2009 by NAL Trage
Pages: 416
ISBN: 9780451228000
Source: Library Book

Description: When the young and beautiful Catherine Howard becomes the fifth wife of the fifty-year-old King Henry VIII, she seems to be on top of the world. Yet her reign is destined to be brief and heartbreaking, as she is forced to do battle with enemies far more powerful and calculating than she could have ever anticipated in a court where one wrong move could mean her undoing. Wanting only love, Catherine is compelled to deny her heart’s desire in favor of her family’s ambition. But in so doing, she unwittingly gives those who sought to bring her down a most effective weapon-her own romantic past.
The Queen’s Mistake is the tragic tale of one passionate and idealistic woman who struggles to negotiate the intrigue of the court and the yearnings of her heart.

I Give This Book 4 Stars!

I confess I don’t much about Henry VIII’s last 3 wives.   I kind of became disgusted with the man after the first 3.  But, they each have their own story to tell.  This book made me feel for Catherine Howard immensely.  She was a pawn from the start.  Her family raised her to be naive but knowledgeable about sexual games with men.  But, they never taught her the ways of the royal court, nor did she known what it meant to be the King’s Queen.  And especially what it meant to belong to King Henry VIII.  She was denied what she truly wanted and her family feed her to the wolves for the own gain.  The story was slow at first, but quickly built to what you know is coming.  The story left me with the same opinion I’ve  long had of Henry VIII.  Catherine was left the victim, although if she truly was faithful while married to the King, only a few really know.

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