Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie

I went to see this movie last night and I was not disappointed.  I know that it seems many die hard fans are, but I thought it was great!!  Maybe it was because I knew the ending was a little different.  I didn’t think anything important was left out (I’m with those that think the absence of the fight between the Death Eaters and The Order was ok).  And I think somehow either Dumbledore’s funeral will be show, or the the importance of the wand will be shown in the next movie.  I’m still not sure of the scene with the Burrow burning.  But, I put faith in the fact that the director, screen writer, and J.K. Rowling know were they are going with this.  There are things that I wish the touched on a bit more, but it’s been that way with every movie.   Overall I give it 4.5 out of 5 Stars!

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