Dance with a Vampire (Vampire Kisses, Book 4) by Ellen Schreiber

Dance with a Vampire (Vampire Kisses, Book 4)

Title: Dance With A Vampire
Author: Ellen Schreiber
Published: July 2007
Pages: 192
ISBN: 9780061132230
Source: Library

Description: The most important night of the year is drawing near . . . but not without a little trouble from the Underworld
Dullsville’s newest night-faring intruder may be only a tween, but Raven knows that Valentine Maxwell, the younger sibling of two nefarious vampires, is a full-size menace. Valentine becomes even more of a threat when he befriends her brother, Billy. Raven must try to shield Billy, even as the biggest excitement of the year approaches: attending prom with her immortal love, Alexander. And while Alexander is one kind of vampire—sweet—Raven soon learns Valentine is another.
Could Valentine somehow know Raven’s private thoughts about turning into a vampire?

I Give This Book 4 Stars!

I am so glad this series is getting better.  I had my doubts after the first two.  I have figure out two of my issues with this series though.  First, I think some of the books could be combined.  They function all right by themselves, but they are to connected (not to mention short).  Second, I have no problem with Raven being Goth.  But, for some reason it seems so cliché.  I kind of just ignore that, but I do not feel it really adds to the story.   This story I think was more fun.  I liked seeing Raven get excited about something that it is so “high school”.  Of course, she did it her own way!  I also thought it was fun watching Raven and Alexander way over react to Valentine.  I don’t think he was all bad, more just really lost.  I also love how it seems Billy and Raven are finally starting to form an actual relationship.  I also liked how Raven finally admitted that maybe she was not quite ready to be a vampire.  I think it made her character have more depth.  It also put some substance into her and Alexander’s relationship!


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