Follow Me….

I’ve added some things to my site that I think I need to bring attention to.  First off, under Contact Me, there is a link that says subscribe in a reader.  If you click on that you sign up to gets emails from my blog.  I’m not positive, but I think it will send an email when I post something new.   The second way to follow my blog would be if you use Twitter.  There’s a little blue bird on the side that says Follow Me.  If you click that you will be following me on Twitter.  I will post there when I have posted a new review or something else to my blog.  
I’m still working on a few other things and figuring out how my host site works.  I picked wordpress because I liked the format, ease of use, and how I thought I wanted my blog to look.  Turns out, there are a few things that wordpress doesn’t do yet.  So, being new to blogging, I’ve had to find other ways. 

Also, please check out the blog links on the side.  These are the main blogs that inspired me to start me own!

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